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Fuji Spray TAN7350
Fuji Spray Tanning System- 2100M Mini Tan M
Fuji Spray Tanning System- 2100M Mini Tan M

Fuji Spray Tanning System- 2100M Mini Tan M
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2012 Fuji Spray Tanning System- 2100M Mini Tan M

Fuji Spray® Tanning HVLP Turbine Systems has been the leading manufacturer of HVLP Turbine Systems for almost 10 years.
Included in every system…

The miniTAN PLATINUM™ Turbine, TAN7350 Applicator with 250cc Cup (holds 8oz of solution), 10ft lightweight whip hose with quick connect, a convenient applicator holder on the turbine, user manual, wrench, and cleaning brush.

The portable and affordable 2100mini™ system is a combination of the smallest and most powerful system on the market. This model includes the all metal TAN7350 bleeder applicator that makes spray tanning a breeze.

The TAN7350 is a bleed style applicator. This professional grade applicator is sleek and durable. It features an adjustable Pattern Control knob located on the back just above the fluid knob. This allows you to easily change the Fan Pattern from wide to narrow. Maintenance is as easy as 1-2-3. This popular model will help you achieve impeccable results each time.

Compare Fuji Spray Tanning Models
Salon TAN XT
Mini M-Model
Part #
Aircap Set
Nozzle & Needle
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Cup Type
Bottom Feed
Cup Capacity
3 oz
3 oz
8 oz
Hi-Flex Hose
10 ft
10 ft
10 ft
Motor Type
Turbine Dimensions
17" x 13.5" x 11"
11" x 8.6" x 8.1"
11" x 8.6" x 8.1"
Metric Dimensions
43 x 33.5 x 28cm
28 x 22 x 21cm
28 x 22 x 21cm

Gun Holder
Mobile Stand
On Turbine
On Turbine
24 Months
24 Months
24 Months

Fuji Spray Tanning HVLP System COMPONENTS

The Fuji XPC™ HVLP

The Fuji XPC™ HVLP Spraygun features an exclusive side-mounted Pattern Control Knob to adjust the size of the fan. This knob allows you to switch from small to large pattern or anywhere in between. Unlike HVLP turbine Sprayguns with the front collar adjustment, the Pattern Control Knob offers you full incremental fan size throughout the whole range.

All Fuji HVLP Sprayguns are Non-Bleed. This means that air passes through the spraygun only when the trigger is pulled. All newer Fuji Turbines are designed and built with a bleed-off inside the turbine to allow use of any Non-Bleed Spraygun.

The benefits of Non-Bleed include...

  • Less blowing around of dust and negligible turbulence in the spray area.

  • Less solution buildup on the tip of the Fluid Nozzle.

  • Spraygun noise (hiss of air) appears to be lessened, because now the hiss of air is intermittent.

Fuji Spray Tanning HVLP Turbine System
The Spraygun features a Stay-Cool Nylon Handle (fitted over a metal tube), Stainless Steel Fluid Passages and an External Needle Packing Adjustment. The Knobs and Collar are metal. The Fan Pattern is adjustable from 1” to 15” from 8" distance. Smaller than 1" is achieved by moving closer to the object to be sprayed. The large fan size pattern depends upon viscosity - thinner liquids = larger fan pattern. You can obtain a professional finish with all known coatings. The Gun Body is forged and CNC machined to aircraft tolerances.

The High-Efficiency™ Aircap

Fuji Spray R & D utilized computer Fluid Dynamics programs that yielded data suggesting improvements could be made to the angles and hole sizes in the Aircap. Once samples were made and tested, the Aircaps exceeded all expectations. The High-Efficency Aircaps provide the user with a cleaner spray pattern that results in less overspray and mist in the air.
(Use less spray tanning solution)

The Fuji Spray Tanning System has very High-Efficiency and Aircap is an exclusive feature from Fuji sprayer.

With the Fuji spraygun, it's easy to make spray pattern changes. To increase or decrease the size of the fan pattern, simply turn the side-mounted Pattern Control Knob on the side of the spraygun. On vertical or horizontal setting, the pattern can be varied from a small ROUND pattern to large vertical or horizontal and all increments in betwen..

To switch from horizontal to vertical pattern, loosen the Collar, position the Aircap and tighten. By controlling the amount of spray tanning solution and air, you can even use the Fuji gun like an airbrush for subtle shading or touch-up. Reduce the amount of spray tanning solution (at the Fluid Adjusting Knob) then turn the Pattern Control Knob to the smallest pattern and move as close as possible to your client - you'll find you can spray pattern as small as 1/4".

    • All systems UL/CSA approved as a Cosmetic Device for Salon use
    • 24 Month Warranty on complete system
    • Speed of motor is set – no need to adjust speed at the turbine or use an air control valve on the hose
    • Attractive steel case is powder-coated in a durable textured finish. Standard color is black to disguise any stains from Tanning Solution
    • Heavy-duty rubber feet to protect floors
    • 10ft lightweight, clear flexible hose with black helix. Hose also features a clear plastic bend restrictor at turbine end
    • Brass quick-connect to the spray gun
    • Spray guns are non-bleed (trigger valve) so blowing around of dust is reduced considerably
    • Gun can still be used to blow-dry client by gently pulling the trigger to the first stage of travel
    • Because the air is intermittant (only when you pull the trigger) the 'hiss' of air is much less noticeable
    • Spray pattern (Fan) is easily set to be approximately 4" from the optimum distance of 6" away. This is the ideal size fan for spray tanning. For a smaller size fan - to spray lower arm and wrist for example - simply move the gun closer (for the M-Model spray gun - simply turn the pattern control knob)
    • Quick manual adjustment for a round pattern as small as 1/8" diameter - perfect for enhancing 'abs'
    • Patented Quiet Turbine (Salon 3000) – runs at 56dba (below that of regular conversation)
    • XT sprayguns (Salon 3000 & Mini 3000M) are equipped with 3ozs gravity cup
    • The miniature gravity cup holds 3ozs.Now leakproof with Screw-On Lid/Gasket.
    • M-Model spraygun (2100M) features an 8ozs. plastic bottom feed cup
    • Mobile Gun Stand/Filling station is included only with Salon system (3000)
    • Both mini turbines (3000M & 2100M) feature a convenient gun holder on the turbine itself
    • Ergonomic insulated handle never gets hot
    • User Manual included plus cleaning brush and wrench

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