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Fuji Spray Tan System- Fuji Spray Tanning Turbine Systems Fuji Spray® is one of the original makers having started manufacturing HVLP turbine systems back in 1986. Today Fuji Spray is one of the leading manufacture of spray tanning systems for spraying spray tan solution.
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Fuji Spray Tanning System- 2100M Mini Tan M Fuji Spray 4100 miniTAN T-PRO Fuji Spray Tanning System- 2150 Salon Tan
Fuji Spray Tanning System- 2100M Mini Tan M
The Fuji Spray Tanning HVLP System has very High-Efficiency and Aircap is an exclusive feature from Fuji sprayer.
portable and affordable 4100miniTAN system is a combination of the
smallest and most powerful on the market. This system includes the
light-weight sexy design of the T-PRO™ applicator with gravity feed cup.
This powerful turbine was designed to increase productivity and
efficiency with an amazing spray tanning experience.
Fuji Spray Tanning HVLP System- 2150 Salon Tan
The Fuji Spray Salon Spray Tanning Systems are half the noise level of any standard turbine.
Fuji Spray Tanning HVLP Machine- 4150 salonTAN T-PRO
Quiet and reliable 4150 salonTAN™ system by Fuji Spray is the Quietest
and most powerful on the market. This Turbine is powered by a 2-stage
motor that is specially balanced for the spray tanning industry. Paired
with the stunning light-weight T-PRO applicator, the 4150 salonTAN™ will
help you spray with confidence allowing you to focus more on the
success of your sunless tanning business.